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Study Coordinator

What is it like to be a Study Coordinator at MAC?

While no two days as a study coordinator are the same, they often follow the same schedule:

As the start of the day I arrive at the office and log onto the computer ready for an 8.30am start.

The first thing I do at the start of a working day is check my emails. I often have data query emails or emails from the CRA which may require an urgent reply. I then check the schedule and ensure the source documents are printed and in the patient files ready for the visits that day. It is also my job to ensure that we have all the required members of staff and the equipment needed to ensure the visits will run smoothly. This includes the documents for the cognitive rating assessments, the correct lab kits for the blood samples, and more.

Most of my time during the day is taken up by coordinating patient visits. This involves greeting the patient, ensuring the patient has signed the most recent ICF, delegating clinical tasks to the appropriate members of staff including nurses, doctors and CTAs, checking accountability of returned IMP, dispensing medication, reporting any AEs, SAEs and AESIs in a timely manner, and ensuring all the paperwork is accurate and complete.

When I am not coordinating patient visits, or assisting the nurses with clinical activities such as performing ECGs or venepuncture, I often attend meetings, read updated SOPs, and complete any outstanding training

Later in the day, I chase any pending laboratory results, check there is nothing outstanding in the patient files, answer any data queries on the eCRF, and assist with recruitment of ongoing studies.

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