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Clinical Research Nurse

What is it like to be a Clinical Research Nurse at MAC?

The role of a Research Nurse is complex, varied and interesting. Here at MAC our mission statement is "Improving quality of life" and the job of a Research Nurse is a key factor in achieving this. The Research Nurse has an individual responsibility to prioritise patient safety, adhere to ICH GCP and conduct clinical procedures according to NMC guidelines.


Coming in to clinical research from General or Specialised Nursing roles involves a steep learning curve.  A solid foundation in General Nursing practice is vital, but Clinical Research requires a wide range of additional skills and knowledge. 


A wide range of additional skills and knowledge are manifested in:

  • The development of a thorough understanding of the research process and terminology

  • An in-depth knowledge of a variety of specialties which we undertake in investigation

  • Further development of management, leadership, organisational, communication, teaching and mentoring skills

  • The development of IT and data recording skills


At MAC the development of these skills are fully supported by a multidisciplinary team. The main daily task of a Research Nurse at MAC is to help coordinate the day-to-day management of clinical trials and as a result the ability to work within a team is vital. The research nurse plays a key part in the pre-screening process. This involves meeting patients who are interested in a clinical trial, excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to give clear explanations are essential. This initial process is an exceptionally important one as it provides the patient with the knowledge and support to decide to enrol in a study and helps to ensure that they are fully prepared to give informed consent.


The Research Nurse is involved from enrolment of the patient to the end of the study:

  • Randomisation

  • Ensuring the quality and integrity of data collection and recording

  • Conducting the many varied clinical procedures required by the protocol

  • And the prompt reporting of any adverse events


Research Nurses at MAC are often involved in the training and mentoring of the Clinical Team and other health professionals. Due to their varied knowledge and experience, they are often required to provide feedback and important information at multidisciplinary team meetings, on the daily conduct of clinical trials. Their focus is always to ensure that the quality of clinical processes at MAC are maintained to the highest standards and to act as an advocate for the patient.


Clinical trials are at the heart of medical advances to determine new ways to prevent, detect and treat disease. Without clinical trials, there can be no new medicines or improvement of existing treatments; the testing conducted throughout clinical trials is a regulatory requirement to establish the safety and efficacy of a treatment and all medicines have gone through this process.  Being a Research Nurse at MAC is a very rewarding role, as there is a strong sense of "making a difference". This contributes to the fulfilment of MAC’s mission "Improving quality of life" and also of the vocation of Nursing itself.

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