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Clinical Trials Assistant

What is it like to be a Clinical Trials Assistant at MAC?

The role of Clinical Trials Assistant is a very fulfilling position and I have acquired a broad range of skills since I joined MAC. This has helped to build on my degree along with great potential career development for future progression at MAC.


At the start of the day before and patients arrive, we prepare the wards for the day ahead and make sure they are clean, tidy and stocked with all needed supplies. It is my responsibility to set up the blood sample collection trays with the correct lab kit according to clinical trial visit requirements.


When patients arrive, we help the nurses and study coordinators in the clinic, and perform clinical activities such as vital signs and ECG recording. Once laboratory samples are collected, we take them into the lab for processing. We then handle the samples in accordance with study protocol requirements using centrifuges to prepare samples for analysis.  Some samples are packed and shipped via courier to central labs for analysis. It is my responsibility to keep the lab tidy and organised. This involves checking that all lab kits and consumables are sufficient and in-date. We also ensure that study specific laboratory reference data is kept up-to-date and organised to preserve the source data.


Working at MAC, I know that I am part of a great team, a team that is making a real difference in the world. Since joining MAC I feel that my career is now heading in the right direction with great prospects.

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