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Receptionist & Office Administrator

What is it like to be a Receptionist & Office Administrator at MAC?

Setting up for the day is a vital element of so many workplaces, within clinical research particularly, so inevitably this makes up a large part of my role at MAC. Upon arriving at the office in the morning the first job of the day is to distribute the schedules for the day to relevant members of the team and ensure that every patient coming in has a personal file set up ready for their visit.


Reception - the first point of contact

Reception is the first point of contact so it’s important to have a welcoming and professional attitude towards all our visitors. We want to give the best impression of MAC throughout every step of a patients visit from the beginning to the very end! When a patient arrives at the clinic, I will greet them, sign them in and inform the relevant member of staff they are here for their appointment. I show the patient to the waiting area and always ensure they are comfortable and offered refreshments. It is very important that patients feel at ease when they are at the clinic, I am polite and courteous and always make time to chat with the patients.


When a patient is leaving the clinic, I will arrange transport if necessary and check their next scheduled appointment or I may be booking whole study’s worth of appointments for them. Scheduling is key in clinical trials so I must make sure the patient can attend the clinic within certain study visit windows and that the correct resources and members of staff are available to complete the visits. Before my working day is done I contact the patients that are due into the clinic the following day, to confirm that they know any important information vital to their visit; timings, travel arrangements and any medication requirements.


Working within the reception/admin role at MAC, each day is a mixture of your typical administrative tasks; taking phone calls, meeting minutes or dealing with medical history requests. I also ensure I have a good working understanding of the studies we are running and assist other members of the team with anything they may need help with.

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